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When to Call a Pro

Beware of handy men, painters, carpenters and others that 'are electricians too'. The National Electrical Code is a big fat Code and Safety Book, written to SAVE LIVES! Certified electricians are required to know the codes and safety procedures. I hope you call us to do your electrical work, but if not, please call a licensed electrician!

Besides the documented training required to perform electrical task, liability insurance is specific to the work you are licensed to do. I spend most of my life in the attic or under the house and I see sub standard wiring almost everywhere, I can tell immediately if an electrician did the work or not. I also am called to make 'corrections' when the 'HOME INSPECTOR' is involved, so chances are good you get to pay twice to get the same light installed correctly.

HOMEOWNERS, I'm sorry, I don't encourage you to 'practice' wiring in your home. There is too much at stake. I know the guy at the hardware store told you exactly how to do it, but DON'T, unless you have a CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN supervise or inspect your work.


A Birmingham, AL area Electrician

Birmingham, AL electricians often only offer limited electrical work; However, Power Up Lighting & Electrical, LLC provides a full range of electrical services including Wiring Services, Electrical Services, Lighting Services for the Birmingham, AL area. Power Up Lighting & Electrical, LLC has acquired the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose any electrical work that needs to be done. That way, when you have a situation that requires a professional electrician, you'll feel confident in calling on Power Up Lighting & Electrical, LLC for help.

About a Birmingham, AL Electrician

Power Up Lighting & Electrical, LLC provides full capability electrical contracting for new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior, interior and landscape lighting, retrofits and service installations for the Birmingham, AL area.

Power Up Lighting & Electrical, LLC has served its customers with a commitment to service and value. We have the experience and expertise in Wiring Services, Electrical Services, Lighting Services and many other services to get the job done right the first time. Our skilled professionals use only the finest tools and materials. Once we've made the necessary repairs, it's almost as though the damage never occurred. We provide personalized service and affordable rates.


Birmingham, AL Electrical Services

  • Wiring repair and upgrades for commercial and residential clients
  • Meter and panel service for safety and reliability
  • Appliance and lighting installation - circuit installations to latest code
  • Network and telephone installations - discrete installations for home or office
  • Electrical Vehicles
  • Chandelier Installation
  • LED Lighting


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From design to finish, our experienced estimators, project managers and technicians provide the expertise to ensure your electrical project in the Birmingham, AL area is completed on time, on budget and up to code. Contact us today and we'll show you how we can put our knowledge to work for you.